Chrome Emblems for Pet Lovers!


Cat Walking Chrome EmblemPoodle Chrome EmblemLabrador Chrome Emblem




Finally a Pet Tag for your auto!

This classy pet emblem will look great on any car, truck or SUV.
Show off your pet breed with this attractive chrome finish emblem.

Pet Emblemsā„¢ are guaranteed not to fade, chip or peel.

Using an OEM process they are made just like auto makers use for their chrome emblems. And just like the auto maker emblems, these have a plastic core with a chrome metal finish.

Each shiny new emblem has a special adhesive foam tape backing that will not harm your paint finish.

This easy attachment lasts as long as you own your automobile.

These emblems will not be affected by extreme weather or car washes. Paint-safe, your emblem can be safely removed if desired at any time.

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